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Built on the foundation of over 25 years in the Finance domain, working in global conglomerates and local Banks in India, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, UK & US, Last mile consulting has been conceptualized to synthesize best practices observed and developed through hands-on experience.

Our aspiration is to help clients embark on  a journey towards organizational effectiveness through a series of process, technology and people interventions leveraging a combination of years of experience as internal consultants, as well as learnings gathered from the hardship of executing ideas until they stick.

We strive to build lasting partnership with our clients by increasing the odds of success and minimizing instances of execution failure. Our biggest value resides in our ability to run a quick diagnostics of your Finance function and recommend a roadmap for transformation. This enables clients to get a holistic view of the shape of their function, and identify areas of focus to drive change, with a range of benefits from near term to medium term.

Reach out to us for any assistance to propel your function forward across any of the 10 key areas of expertise listed in our portal

Anand Satyamurthy
Man on ground

Leading change for Finance across industries and geographies, with expertise of driving change in Southeast Asia


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    Anand started his career at Techcombank reporting to me as the Head of Finance Transformation and was an absolutely terrific addition to our Transformation team. Anand is a solid Finance professional, dynamic and hyper reliable. Read More

    Tim Kyle / Chief Transformation Officer at Techcombank (TCB)

    He is well organized, always on time, focused on actionable items and able to quickly determine what steps are required to move projects forward. His approach is outcome oriented yet he does not lose sight of the big picture. He is able to navigate the complexities of large organisations and, in particular, bring on board all relevant stakeholders who are impacted by change/transformation programmes. Read More

    Marco Sablone / Head of Sales & Business Development - APAC at Xceptor

    Anand has an ability to detect a need for a change, understand its direction and execute at pace to reach it. His focus is always on achieving positive outcomes at an organisational level and he usually acts as a ‘North Star’ for his teams and his colleagues to help them navigate towards achieving the desired outcome – in the right spirit and way. Read More

    Vikram Chellani / SVP / Head - Finance Transformation for Continental Europe at HSBC

    Anand unabashedly lives the spirit of one of his favorite songs by Foo Fighters “Best of You”. Wherever he is, he brings his best. On the job, that means creative and critical thinking, simplifying complex problems, finding solutions and executing them flawlessly. He is one of the best I’ve seen in managing time – gets work done and ensures he gets his personal time no matter what. I’d want more like him in my team. Read More

    RL Prasad / Chief Risk Officer at Santander Consumer USA

    I have worked with Anand at Techcombank for the past 1 year. He has demonstrated a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to lifting our Finance capabilities, with a strong focus on execution. Anand engages well at all levels of the business and his leadership style is well regarded. I believe he has made a significant contribution to Techcombank and will continue to “make a difference” to organisations in the future. Read More

    Tony Roberts / Head of Business Finance at Techcombank (TCB)

    Anand is very good at simplifying things, I enjoy working with him, instead of making things complicated he can always make it simpler, more focused to get the most out of it, determined to match the capacity of the place he comes from. You will be very unrealistic if you want to do something too big and complicated for their level of development. They see you as delusional.Read More

    Thaiha Linh / Director of Accounting, Financial Policy and Tax at Techcombank (TCB)

    A fine balance of many contrasts, Anand is gifted yet hardworking, focused yet a wanderer, firm yet polite, aware yet a seeker, a leader yet a practitioner, a perfectionist yet a delegator, free spirited yet goal oriented, unyielding yet flexible. Anand is, both, a friend and a leader, a patient listener and an eloquent speaker, effective and an efficient manager & subordinate. He is an artist at work, flows just like the rhythm in music and creates great melodies! Read More

    Inish Batra, PMP, SSBB / VP Change & Process Excellence at HSBC

    Anand is a great professional….smart, intelligent and extremely committed. His oustanding quality is his equal comfort with conceptualizing innovative solutions and executing them efficiently. Read More

    Ketan Madia / Asia Pacific Tax | Transformation | Business Tax and Finance Leadership