Transformation Programs

Transformation Programs

Process measurement & control


Roll out static Level 1-3 process taxonomy

Develop a foundational layer to capture static data which can aid implementation of a workflow solution


Implement time tracking tool

Develop a self-assessment platform, or an integrated workflow to map processes and underlying tasks – in order to measure completion time, errors and remedial actions



Set up reporting and governance mechanism to monitor performance against SLA leveraging actual data on performance with root cause analysis on errors and remdial actions


Launch E2E effectiveness metrics

Roll out End to End process measurement metrics across Record to Report (R2R), Procure to Pay (P2P) processes in Finance


Operational review governance cadence

Roll out Operational review and governance mechanism with shared services clients across People, Process, Performance and Operational risk components

Transformation Programs

Outsourcing and shared services


Industry benchmarking and Location strategy

Comprehensive analysis and report out of location strategy with industry benchmarking across low cost sites in Americas, Europe and Asia


Framing business case and CBA

Develop transformation roadmap and approach paper to obtain investment approval to launch a multi-year change program


Roll out Standard Prodcut suite

Roll out shared services offering proposition for Record to Report (R2R) and Procure to Pay (P2P) processes


Build, implement transition toolkit

Set up and roll out process migration methodology from solution identification to post go-live mointoring


Talent identification and recruitment

Engage with recruiters, develop Job descriptions, conduct talent assessment and build recruitment pipeline in partnership with HR function

Transformation Programs

Cloud based reporting infrastructure


Designing Finance Datamart Strategy

Develop Blueprint to migrate Finance reporting needs to Cloud via a Datalake


Data squad mix and recruitment

Determine tribe composition and partner with D&A team to recruit tribe (Business Analysts, Data engineers, Developers, Data governance experts, Scrum masters, Product Owners)


Roll out Standard Delivery Units

Build tracking mechanism to determine effort needed to develop Finance Datamart based on underlying building blocks involving lineage, architecture, table design, Remediation rules and reporting architecture


Tool selection for self-service reporting

Work with Cloud service provider to identify suitable self-service reporting and visualization tool


Roll out agile delivery sprints and MVPs

Set up cadence to build micro level sprint plans that can be run in an agile format

Transformation Programs

Bespoke automation


Automation of payments process

Deliver technology solution for automation of Payments activities through a suite of tools including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Business Process Management (BPM) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA)


Automation of procurement process

Deliver technology solution for automation of Procurement activities including vendor assessment, contract negotiation, procurement sign off and deal tracking


Cost allocation methodology & implementation

Roll out cost allocation engine to enable development of profitability metrics by business, product, segment and customers


Automation and reporting of Cloud costs

Work with Cloud service provider to develop Cloud cost tracking tool to enable real time monitoring and optimization of costs


Automation of remediation rules

Roll out a remediation tool to enable mapping, cleansing and allocation of data

Transformation Programs

People & culture development


Learning & development catelogue

Build a comprehensive learning catelogue for Finance to enable training and up-skilling


Roll out gamification programs

Create a sandbox and simulation environment to improve technical skills and business acumen


Roll out citizen developer culture

Mass enable Finance technical competence through a certification and reward framework


Set up physical innovation labs

Design and build a physical space to foster innovation and collaboration within the function